Use Your Products…Why Don’t You?

use your products

There are a few key qualities that every successful Network Marketing Professional have in common and one at the top of the list is using your own products! All of them. What I’m trying to say is that you have to become a product of the product(s).

Here’s why you should use your products

If your company has tangible products, the easiest way to do this is to use the trash bag trick. Go through your company catalog carefully and then take a trash bag and bag up every product in your home that your company offers through your own “store.” Use your products and know the positive effects they’ve had on you. Don’t hold back, this is an important step in immersing yourself in your company and products. This helps develop your product story and you might be surprised how many people who visit your home will ask about your products.

If your company offers digital products and/or services, make sure you’ve used them at least once. Familiarize yourself with the “order & sign-up” processes so that when you’re meeting with a future business partner, you won’t have any problems navigating your company’s website.

Also begin to share your products with others through samples and demos. This will repay you tenfold in profit, repeat orders and customer referrals over time. Your products are the best sales aid and tool you have, so why not use them? It’s a solid investment in your business and a tax write-off.  Yes, I said it… If you share product samples and use your products, you will become a better business person.

As you sponsor others and grow your team, spend your time with the ones who commit to the product line as well. Those who commit to the product line from the beginning deserve your time and will likely be your most stable business builders.

When you are solid in your belief and use of your products, others will notice and become curious. Commit to yourself and your business through this first key quality – Use Your Products, and then naturally recommend them to others.

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use your products

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