How To Launch Your Business With a Private Business Reception

Private Business Reception

A Private Business Reception, or PBR is a very effective way to contact your warm market and notify them about your products and your business; and ask for referrals. This is a simple way to communicate with large numbers of people at once, making effective use of your time and modeling for others how efficient a home business with you can be. It’s a system that has been proven to duplicate very rapidly, building a solid downline quickly. If you like speaking in front of small groups, there’s n better way to do it.

You choose a date, or number of dates to have a Private Business Reception in your home and invite everyone you know. Include friends, family, neighbors and business associates on your invitation list. Also invite any current team members you have and encourage them to bring guests. Excitement and energy is created with larger numbers at events. And, your team will grow more quickly this way. Choose a time that will be the most convenient for the most people or consider having two, one during the day and one in the evening or on a weekend.

You may also want to plan a few Private Business Reception events over the first month so you can capture more people as your list of contacts grows. If you are spending five to ten minutes each day working on your list, it will be growing.

Make sure your PBR event is scheduled for no more than one hour and let people know that right up front. People are busy and will be more receptive to attending when there is a START and a STOP time designated on the invitation. Also, providing prizes and drawings is an enticement. One last thing…always have light snacks and bottled water for your guest.

Private Business Receptions are not designed to be a party where you sell products (although you probably will, and that is a bonus). It is designed to let others know about your products, your opportunity and ask for referrals. This is an event to MARKET your business and your products and you want to use it for maximum exposure. In fact, when I have a Private Business Reception, I tell people to leave their money at home because there will be nothing to purchase. This puts them at ease.

Use the tools of your company such as a DVD to explain the business; set up a product display and have information for people to take home. You might want to even give them an appreciation gift of some kind. I ALWAYS give my guest an Appreciation Gift.

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Always spend 10 minutes mixing and mingling before you start your presentation; then invite your guests to take their seats. Share a 2-3 minute story about yourself and why you got involved with the company. Show them a DVD/company presentation and then pass out information and invite guests to preview and/or sample the products, if applicable.

Spend some time with each guest as you can to answer questions and invite sign ups. Send a follow up thank you card the next day and be sure to follow up with a phone call to each guest.

Get some PBR’s on your calendar and among your business partners and your business will grow.

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Private Business Reception

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