Part Time Network Marketers: Learn How-To Work Your Business

part time network marketers

Part Time Network Marketers make up the largest majority of our profession and most people start out part time.  Don’t be fooled, though!  It is very possible to build a full time business with part time effort.

Part time network marketers, listen up!

Here are some ideas to make the most of a part time effort:

1. Every Sunday evening, block out time on your weekly calendar that you have available to work your business.  This may mean sacrificing a few things like TV for 4 hours a night, lunch out with the work gang, etc.

2. Make every moment count.  Again, focus!  If you block out 5 to 10 hours per week, you must make the most of that time.  This is not the time you spend lost in email; listening to company voice mail, opening mail, designing a flyer, etc.  This is time that is spent doing one of three things – presenting your business, asking someone new to take a look, or following up with someone who has seen it.  That’s it!

3. You must have a simple, duplicable and organized system for working through your contact list (cell phone, facebook, etc.  Let your business tools (video, website, lead capture page, 24-hour toll-free information hotline, brochures, reward cards, etc.) do the initial business opportunity/product or service presentation for you.  Make sure to always follow-up with prospects via phone and ask them what they liked best about what they saw in the presentation.

4. Be consistent and persistent. Honor your business time and demand that others honor it, too.  Get your calls out of the way early on, so you can relax and enjoy the rest of your day, doing whatever.

**Do NOT chase people who aren’t interested in MAKING more MONEY and HAVING more TIME-FREEDOM in their lives.**

5. Learn your business and the compensation plan, and develop a quick 5-10 minute presentation for explaining it.  Don’t worry about knowing every fine details of the compensation plan.  Know how to explain how to earn a couple hundred to one thousand dollars extra a month.

A full time effort has nothing to do with the hours available in the day.  It’s what you do with that time that counts!

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part time network marketers

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