Network Marketing Success: 6 Commitments You Must Make


Achieving network marketing success comes from deciding that you are committed to the process; knowing your “WHY”; developing your story to share with others and then doing a few things consistently, over and over again.

Here are 6 Commitments you must make in order to become an MLM success story:

1.      Make a commitment – nothing ever really happens without the commitment first.  When you lack commitment, you also lack focus and drive.  It’s easy to put off until tomorrow what you can do today, right?  Make a decision right now that you are committed and unstoppable in achieving your goals and dreams.

2.      Determine your “WHY”.  Part of getting committed really starts with knowing why you are building a business, and that is more than just “to earn some extra income” or “firing your boss.”  Get much more specific.  Dream and set goals.  Decide what it’s going to take to achieve those goals and take actionable steps to reaching them.  Create a dream board and look at it several times a day.  Feel what it will be like when you are living your dream life, whatever that is.

3.      Develop your story.  When you can easily share your story in a brief, 2 minute summary about why you started with your company; what you have experienced and what you see ahead for the future, you will find it much easier to talk about your business when people ask what you do.  Spend some time writing it down; then practice and memorize so you don’t sound scripted.

4.      Share your story as many times a day as possible for optimal network marketing success.  This is all part of contacting, inviting and presenting.  Set a goal for a minimum number of people who you will speak to each day about your business.

5.      Work with the willing.  Some people will tell you NO right away; some people will sign up and then tell you NO; and some people will sign up and get to work building their business.  Work with the ones who call you; ask for your time and assistance; and demonstrate that they are serious about their own business and success.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to drag others across the finish line.

6.      Never stop growing your business and your front line.  Make sure you schedule time in your day every day to continue working on your own sponsoring.  This is the life blood of your business.  Don’t fall into the trap of managing your team.  You are a business owner, working with other business owners.  Don’t be a manager!

That’s pretty much it.

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