Here’s A Simple 3-Step MLM Sponsoring System For You

MLM Sponsoring System

Successful sponsoring into your Network Marketing business is simple when you have a three step MLM sponsoring system to follow.  The three step MLM sponsoring system is simply having three, pre-determined steps in mind for how you are going to guide your prospect through your company overview.  This way, you always know what the next step is, and you can also let your prospects know.

This models a simple system that is already in place should your prospect decide to take a look at your business opportunity.  Someone exploring your business opportunity will know what will be expected of him or her.

Your three step MLM sponsoring system may look like this – assuming you’ve already built rapport with the prospect:

Step 1 – Call the prospect and ask them if they would be open to taking a look at a project you’re working on…if it didn’t interfere with what they’re currently doing.  If they agree…

Step 2 – Text or Email the prospect a link to your business opportunity video, and arrange a date & time to call back and speak with them to find out what they liked best about what they saw.  Make sure the scheduled date & time is within 48 hours of them receiving your business opportunity video.

Step 3 – Follow up with a phone call on the agreed upon date & time.  Ask them what they liked best about what they saw in your video and answer any questions they may have.  Sign them up as a business partner.

With the above guideline, it should be easy for you to develop your three step MLM sponsoring system that fits your opportunity. Check with your sponsor or upline if you need assistance.

EXPECT Success!

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MLM Sponsoring System

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