Loyal Customers: How To Develop them for Your Home Business

loyal customers

Loyal customer aren’t that hard to find.  You may have been told that Network Marketing isn’t about selling; it’s simply sharing, but what successful business do you know that doesn’t have loyal customers?  Customers keep businesses afloat.  Yes, we share, and those who are successful have no issue with sales.  Do you want to be successful?

If you do, you shouldn’t be afraid of the word – SALES!  It’s not a dirty word.  Sales happen everyday and you are a part of it in some way every day.  Why not profit from it yourself, since you offer great products / services and you believe in them.

Big checks are created through sales volume and there is no better way to create sales volume than to develop a few, loyal customers and teach others to do the same.  People will stay in the business when they have success, and that first success of getting a customer goes a long way to securing everyone’s future.

After all, not everyone you know is going to want to get involved in your business.  In fact, most won’t.  But a strong number of those people will be interested in trying out your products.

Set a goal of finding ten to fifteen customers.  These are people who just use your products and are not interested in the opportunity.  Give away sample products and then ask for an order.

Give a demo to ten or fifteen friends, along with your website, then follow-up and see what happens.

Get customers yourself and teach your team to do the same and your volume (and check) will skyrocket.  Try it and let me know your results.

EXPECT Success!

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loyal customers

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