How Prospecting Leads to Lead Generation: Become a 6-Figure Income Earner


Prospecting and lead generation are the backbone of any business, but it’s even more important when it comes to network marketing. When you’re a network marketer, you aren’t just prospecting to sell things to people; you’re trying to add people to your business network. Your whole job is to be able to convince others to join you so that your network increases, you help your new business partner start achieving his or her goals and your chances of earning income along with it. You’ll only be able to generate quality leads if you’re committed to prospecting the right way.


Prospecting for network marketing is the same as prospecting for any other business. You need to ask yourself a few questions and create a template of what kind of person will be the best fit for you and your network marketing business.

What kind of person will be interested?

No matter how good you are at network marketing, you will not be able to attract everyone to join you. What you need to do instead is to focus on the kind of person that will most likely be a good fit for your team. Great sales people have known this for decades; the secret isn’t just having a lot of leads, but quality leads. Generating a quality lead means having a prospect who is highly motivated and interested in joining you in your business opportunity. It’s better to give presentations to 10 people who really want to join you, than giving a presentations to 50 people who are not interested in your opportunity.

Where are you going to find prospects?

When you figure out the kinds of people most likely to join your opportunity, you have to find out where to where. If your ideal prospect is male, age 30-40, you need to be able to know which locations you can scout in order to find your  ideal leads. Most companies will tell you to prospect your friends and family, but you will quickly learn that this can be damaging for your business and your self-esteem.

Your friends and family may listen to your presentation attentively but they may not join you in the business. And the ones who do, most likely won’t be self motivated to do anything. They probably partnered with you because they thought they were doing you a favor. So instead, focus on the people who are actually likely to join you because they know that you and your opportunity can help them reach their goals. The only way to do this is by finding out where your target market spends most of their time. This is twice as true for internet communities. You may be advertising on Facebook, but your ideal prospects may spend more time on Twitter.

How can your prospects be enticed to join you?

The biggest mistake people make when giving a network marketing presentation is that they talk about the business a lot, but do not talk about the desires of the people listening to the presentation. Instead of looking inward, look outward. Find out what the dreams and aspirations of your ideal prospects are. Make your presentation about how your network marketing project can help them achieve their dreams. Once you have a conversation with them about how you and your opportunity can help them achieve their dreams and goals, they will be more interested in partnering with you.

When you prospect the right way, you’ll be generating quality leads in no time.

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