Build Your Business With Urgency Today – No Excuses

build your business

NOW is the perfect time to build your business and to put yourself into massive, consistent, effective action. Not yesterday, it’s gone. Not tomorrow, it never comes. But right now, this moment in this day.

Build your business with a sense of urgency to get things done and achieve your future dreams and goals. Building for the future all takes place TODAY! Let go of the “all or nothing” concept that so many of us have. If you find yourself saying things like –

Build Your Business Excuse #1: “I only have a few minutes so I shouldn’t call any leads.”

WHAT? Make ONE phone call and applaud yourself for that. It’s one more action step in your journey.  You never know who might be on the other end of the phone and what they might go on to build. There are tons of people waiting for you to connect with them….especially in today’s economy. When you make that connection, find out what their wants and needs are and offer them a way to achieve them.

Build Your Business Excuse #2: “I work full time and it’s easier for those who don’t.”

Not true. Everyone has their own challenges to work with and for those who work a 9-to-5 job, you are out in the mix daily and what better time to begin to make some connections with people. Adapt a natural, fun way of doing this. Sincerely compliment the person you’re speaking with and then ask them if they would be open to taking a look at a project you’re working on, if it doesn’t interfere with what they’re currently doing.

Build Your Business Excuse #3: “Only the ones who got in early reach the top.”

The beginning is not necessarily the best time to get in to a company.” In most companies, many of the top income earners come in after the company is solid and established, 5 years or more later.

TODAY is the day to start creating your future so that you’ll have so much more to look forward to. So, what steps are you capable of taking today? Will you make just ONE phone call? Pass out ONE business card? Ask ONE person about a Home Party? Private Business Reception? Conference Call? Suggest your products? Or ask them to watch your video presentation and follow up with them within 24 hrs?

Begin taking YOUR first steps in your exciting personal journey so you can be there for the moments you hold priceless!  It’s not always EASY, but it’s SO WORTH IT!

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build your business

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