Hi, Charles Dunbar here…WELCOME! I’ve been a network marketing professional since 2012 and have seen many companies come and go. During these years, I’ve learned that setting goals, taking action and staying focused no matter what, have been the three pillars of my success. I’d like to tell you that I’ve always been a guru, but it hasn’t always been that way.

Let’s start from the beginning…when I was in college. I worked at a relatively small bank, opening checking / saving accounts and wiring monies all over the world for wealthy individuals. It always astounded me to see how much money people were “playing” with, but at some point, it just wasn’t fun anymore because my paycheck remained virtually the same. I felt like I was the only one on earth who wasn’t earning what I thought I should have been. Most of my friends back then had gone on to work for major financial services companies. So, a few months after graduation, I spoke with an old college buddy of mine who got me an interview with a mid-sized, very conservative company. During the interview, I sensed the company culture wasn’t a fit for me, but a position was offered and I accepted the job anyway…Total Disaster #1. After leaving that company, I stayed in the financial services industry and was mildly successful for a little over a decade when the Depression of 2008 happened… Total Disaster #2!

During 2008, I decided to leave financial services and take some time off from the industry. Two years went by and I suddenly found myself applying to companies that were totally unrelated to what I used to do. I was totally burnt out. I vowed never to work in the financial services field ever again.

I applied for a ton of other positions at any company I thought would give me an interview, but only one company called me back for an interview. They were the biggest utility company in New York City. I was offered a job as a General Utility Worker (a mechanic helper) and I accepted. Again, I was totally out of my element until I found the network marketing industry.

Today, I can sincerely say that it’s been a blessing, and as they say, “The Rest Is History”.

I have an amazing girlfriend, an awesome son, and we travel the world enjoying life and residual income.

I’m here to help you SUCCEED. All you need to do is: set goals, have the right plan of action, and a consistent & focused execution of your plan in order to become successful. I can help you with that!


Charles Dunbar

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