4 Social Media Marketing Sins To Avoid

Social Media Marketing
Using social media marketing to market your business is technical in nature and there are many strategies and tips involved in doing it effectively. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are the norm nowadays and many businesses, brands, and companies use them to promote their products and services. Due to the global reach of social media, it is easier to bring in more customers, generate more targeted leads, drive more sales, and boost profits.

Most marketers fail to understand the technical aspects of social media marketing and make serious mistakes that harm the reputation of their businesses. These mistakes cause marketers to lose potential customers, thereby reducing their profit margins tremendously. Here are 4 common mistakes involved in social media marketing that should be avoided like the plague.

Producing Poor Content

High quality, engaging content is the crux of social media marketing. Marketers often make the terrible mistake of producing poor, boring, and unappealing content related to their brand; sometimes the content may not even have anything to do with the brand. Posting jokes, sharing funny cat pictures or memes will only drive away potential customers. Of course, it can be done once in a while to keep your customers engaged, but don’t overdo it.

Instead, focus on creating engaging and high quality posts such as a short video about your products and/or services.

Spamming (the #1 Social Media Marketing sin)

This is (in my opinion) the worse mistake committed on social media, and in other forms of marketing like email marketing. It’s equivalent to someone ringing your doorbell every 5 minutes or so and running away. Repeatedly posting and sharing the same thing over and over again gets annoying and potential customers will start to unsubscribe from your brand’s page.

Direct your efforts to producing a high quality interesting posts and share them. If the content resonates within your target market, you will automatically attract more followers. Remember to favor quality over quantity.

Direct Selling

This form of selling has become outdated and is ineffective in attracting potential customers. It actually causes people to move away and look elsewhere. A few marketers use words like, ‘Buy Now!’ or ‘Please place an order’, not realizing that they sound forceful and harsh at the same time.

In your social marketing campaign, you should focus more on marketing and less on advertising to direct sell something. This can be achieved by creating organic, appealing, and interesting content. For example, instead of saying ‘Buy them’ under the picture of a pair of sneakers, produce and share an article on ‘Sneakers trending in 2016’ and then include a subtle call-to-action at the end.

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No Communication with Your Audience

Communication is the basic component of any thriving business and most brands do not communicate with their customers in effective ways. If you do not reply to comments or answer the queries of potential customers through private messages, it shows them the lack of enthusiasm of your brand and customers feel that they are being ignored. I don’t know about you, but if I’m being ignored…I leave.

Therefore, communicate with your audience by replying to comments and taking part in discussions and forums in a friendly way. Provide each potential customer with a unique answer; this will give your brand a personal touch and it shows that you value and cherish them as your audience / followers.

Advertising in social media doesn’t have to be complicated; if done correctly by avoiding these 4 mistakes, your brand will take the world by storm, sooner than you think.

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